my so-called new life, day 1

hello everyone

for the time being, i’m in in my second flight. the first one was today, from Vorkuta to moscow, a fulgent though quite pointless capital of our country.

flying is truly amazing. really

it doesn’t feel like i’m flying, of course, which is a great pity, but still. the mere realisation of the fact that right now i am so high without taking anything places me literally somewhere on cloud nine. just unimaginable.

outside it is 20.15 MSK, 10 kilometers high, -53 degrees centigrade, and 850 kilometers per hour. quite fantabulous, isn’t it? not to mention great service of the crew and the quickness of the whole journey. were we travelling by train, as we have always done before, it would have taken us four days instead of eight hours. besides, there are some british businessmen on board with such perfect accent that i nearly came when i heard them.

enjoying my evening cup of lemon tea.

being frank, i have no idea what else to tell you about.

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too sad to think of a proper title

hi there

tomorrow is my last day here in Vorkuta. hell i’m gonna miss this place. it’s not perfect, of course, as one can see from the previous post, but still. this small northern town is where i was born once, said my first word, made my first step (which actually was more of a run – i started running before learning to walk like a proper human being), ate my first toffee sweet, went to school and so on and so forth. this is (or was earlier) a wonderful town with tragic history (or just story, seventy years don’t seem to be a very massive period of time at this point), interesting people, and charming culture. now, unfortunately, the process of living here is robbed of its joy for everyone – not only because i’m leaving, but also because the whole place seems to be at the evening of its life. not good news indeed.

i’ll definitely miss every single rock left there, not mentioning all the wonderful citizens of this lovely nothing such as my beloved family, Lena Sidorova, Vlada Kurilina, Sasha Dorofeeva, Ekoterina Zolochevskaya etc (they’re mentioned here to read this someday and be incredibly flattered). Вы просто космические, чуваки. Я вас обожаю. Правда.

so, this is it. the beginning of a whole (or almost whole) new life. tomorrow i’ll go by plane for the first time of my life. thrilled, unquestionably, and uncontrollably excited.

hope that’s for the best. hope it’ll be getting so much better all the time.

i’m gonna miss the snuff box i’ve been living in. (yes, it’s a complete damn mess here. just like in my tiny little mind)



so, that is it. i’m not there. love you all guys.

end of line.

p.s. already missing my (already ex) classmates. weird, actually, cause they’re morons.

the great epectations

here i am again distracting you lot from your mundane hustles and bustles

let me introduce you to the reason i decided to start blogging. this is my great expectations. great expectations, followers. followers, great expectations. hope you both find it pleasant to meet each other at last.

the thing is, quite a lot has changed this year. this school year, to be precise, which, by the way, here in russia is a period from 1th september right to the 7th june. everything began two or three days after the first school day, during our extra curricular english classes, when we suddenly got an invitation to participate in an exchange program for high school students from the countries of the former ussr. it usually consists of three tours where they check out your english knowledge and personal characteristics and skills, and those who become finalists of the third tour get an opportunity to spend the whole year in the surfin usa almost for free. i did take part in it, but not so that successfully (i was the finalist of the second tour, which is very not bad, providing the fact it’s the first time pupils from our small nothern town have participated in this event).

nevertheless, in spite of the results, i suppose i gained quite a lot because of this program. you know, because of the whole participation-and-preparation thing (you have to have a certain level of English to take part and, moreover, most of the tasks contain answering some pretty odd and difficult psychological questions like  “imagine you are already in america, and your host-parents went to the cinema and asked you to look after your younger host brother, but you reaaly want to go to that party next door and your host brother suddenly gets possessed or something. what would you do?” and you have to answer in a way that will show you as a reliable, confident and open person with a sense of humour, broadened outlook and a truly hollywood smile in rain or shine. so, i really thought over my attitude to life, tastes, way of behaving, and self.

but what’s the most important, i somehow just realised that it’s not only unnecessary, but also absolutely possible and real not to spend the rest of my gloomy days in russia being a nobody person. (i’ve always been dreaming about all this discovering-a-whole-new-word thing as well as becoming a great British comedian or astronaut and, as time goes by, i’m getting more and more sure that it’ll finally happen someday.) And, if all goes well, this august i’ll set off for czech republic to spend the next four years there.

and, frankly speaking, it all seems so magical and magnificent to me that i’m terribly afraid to wake up one day as a plump ten-year-old girl with a ridiculous fringe who i used to be once and realise it all was a dream. still can’t believe everything happening to me.

just imagine. i. am. going. to. live. abroad. Fantastic, really.

i tried to tell you as much as it’s possible, and there are still some facts and feelings unexpressed and untold, but i suppose it’s enough for this time.

now that you more or less know something about me, you have an inevitable right to wish me good luck and everything.

sincerely yours,
nica, a sixteen years young nobody from nowhere

p.s. never mind the fact it’s may already, here in Vorkuta there’s snow all over the place outside. i suppose, it’ll be finally gone away only by the end of this month. here is what i see right now from my window:
(the white and gray stuff the surface is covered with is the aforenamed mr. Snow)

now you are aware of the weather in here, mission accomplished, i’m done.


just. awesome.

I know the reason of The Beatles’ mad popularity. They were singing about simple, bright things. Moreover, they were singing as sincerely as no one else did, does, or will do in the history of our civilization. You know, I really couldn’t stand them before. But now, having translated a couple of their songs, you know, you just rediscovered them for me. And now I can say with my hand on heart that they are a not-so-that-bad band. Nevertheless, they are ugly.

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my mum is definitely a genus musical critic.