setting off

hello/goodbye to you all

it’s about half twelve p.m., somewhere in the south of russia, and my dad, me and a guy who’s giving us a lift are heading to the nearest train station for my 00:34 train to moscow, where, if all goes well, i arrive 26.06., at four a.m., have an interview with the fellas from the consulate of the Czech Republic at nine, and then meet Dasha, who lives in the boroughs and is one of the several people i have spoken to in the last half a year. hope it will be so.

also, my younger bro have lost our turtle somewhere in the wild a couple of days ago, and for now it’s probably an ex-turtle, which is unquestionably quite sad, so all four of us are a kind of in a mourning for this little shelled mate. hope it’s now in some turtle heaven or something.

for the time being, i presume that’s all i’d like to tell you, so
lots of love and everything,

stayin’ alive

hello everyone

it’s 11.06.2014, about 11-30 p.m here in krasnodarskiy kray, and i finally have some time and internet connection to write something there. it’s been almost a month since i’m on holiday, and there’s been some changes in my life:

  1. seeing i started a so-called new life (hypothetically leaving the country and heading to the promised land of the Brits), dyed my hair ginger. look like this brave Scottish disney princess with the bear family. besides, now i can call Tim Minchin ginger without any prejudice. at least something has been achieved in a twenty years period
  2. i now officially have as much as 10 followers. wow.
  3. finally wrote a letter to Noel Fielding, who’s been my main crush for the last half a year. had been afraid of writing something wrong, thus, humiliating myself in front at him. felt too lonely and sleplees one night, and, not to be just staring at the walls, wrote some crap addressing it to him. send it the next day. hope i got the address wrong because of the bloody dyslexia and no-one will ever read it.
  4. as you may or may not know, we are now about thirty kilometers away from Ukraine, where all the war-ish thing is going on now and it’s really frightening living so close to death (i do know that all those blokes existing there, undoubtedly, live much more closely to death, but this fact is quite unbelievable here, where the sun is shining and you’re feeling fine and the birds are singing down the trees. moreover, i’m afraid the war can move in here as well any time due to the closeness)
  5. decided to publish some of my English-lessony essays and stories here (we used to write them in order to prepare for the English language olympiad and state exams, and mine have always been one of the best in the whole town of Vorkuta and even the republic of Komi).

there’s one i wrote last September, given a pretty ordinary theme “how i spent this summer” (sounds a little bit like how not to live your life, doesn’t it? suppose, the meanings are alike as well):

In spite of the fact that our family didn’t travel much this summer, I gained a lot of advantages spending it completely relaxing, but still keeping physically active.

Before this year, we used to travel a lot and sometimes even happened to visit up to thirty places in a three-month period, but this time Mum said she would rather stay at one place for the whole season. This place appeared to be a little village two hours away from Eysk, where most of our relatives live, and about only ten minutes away from the Azovskoye sea, one of the most Southern Russian seas with fresh air and magnificent landscapes of wild nature around us. We had bought a little plot of land there half year ago and it seemed to be a perfect place to spend all summer in. Most of our time was spent at our place, but, if need was, it was pretty easy for us to go to the beach to get as much sun, air, water and joy as we only wanted. Moreover, we had bought quite a lot of books to catch up on our reading, and it could be both a real laze to read them sitting in front of deep blue and completely put into your own thoughts and a real fun to read to each other trying to express the characters’ personality by half acting while reading. Furthermore, this summer it was the anniversary of the village and we had a chance to get to know more about its history by going to an exhibition dedicated to this event.

However, we also had had a lot of physical work. Firstly, we had to make the environment we were living in convenient for existing there. So, all of us did their best thrilling and weeding the area, which, of course, required a lot of efforts. More than that, Mum and Dad bought a bicycle for each of us three and it was really great to play touch and run riding a bike. Moreover, we would cover great distances cycling around area to explore the nature of steppe with its firths drying up by the end of the summer and animals such as foxes and jackals which was extremely unusual for us.

To sum up, I’d like to say that, although we didn’t visited a lot of places, I really enjoyed this summer holiday as I got just as much relaxing and, at the same time, physical exercises as it was only possible.

so, i suppose it’s all. good night and bye-bye everyone (these two phrases are now forever linked to Sgt. Raymond Boombox and his good ol’ Gash in my tiny little mind)

hope to be able to post smth again soon.

p.s.: there’s some connection problems again, so, this stuff will be posted later than dated. sorry x