Vorkuta: 71 years of snow and coal

Today, seventy-one years ago, Vorkuta was officially granted with a town status. “Seventy-one? Seventy freaking one? And people who live there still dare to call themselves humans? I mean, really?” I hear you say. Yes. Exactly. Seventy-one year – and, maybe, a few hours – ago my hometown was officially granted with a town status, you hear me answer quite calmly. You should’ve seen what a great anniversal festive circus there was last year, when “We’re just three decades far from a century! Hooray!” issue was brought up. Continue reading

# what i am feeling right now

just to let you know Noel Fielding is still on tour. and he seems to be there for the rest of the eternity. and it’s such a brilliant show. and everyone’s just nuts about An Evening With Noel Fielding. and he does loads of photos and signing and there’s a lot of pictures and all that. and everyone’s completely happy. and i ‘ m  n o t  t h e r e .  j u s t  c a n ‘ t  b e  t h e r e . w i l l  n e v e r  b e  t h e r e . it’s so sad it hurts. i want to do something to express how sad i am, but the level of fielding in my blood seems to have gotten so low that i’ve just lost all my imagination and can’t think of anything sad to do.

why can’t people achieve enough to feel happy?

p.s. and i tasted Polo today. doesn’t look like news that matter, but they are just so indescribably perfect.

Top Several Things strictly connected with my childhood

Childhood is undoubtedly the greatest part of human life, referred to and remembered of by many great people as the time full of magic, innocence, discovering the world, and, let us say, being high from having long socks slipping down a bit. And, seeing that a lot of people of my surroundings claim me to have stayed in this era of my existence for ever and ever and ever and ever, here is a Top Several Things that were an essential part of me being a child through the years (some of them aren’t a part of me being a child now).

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