our Dresden výlet that happened almost two weeks ago

try to find the blue parka (and a gray scarf – or grey scar, if you feel like it, whatever)

Liberec is set approximately in between Prague and Dresden, and the fact of me not having visited this city before the school trip makes me question my existence a lot, to be honest.

I didn’t have enough time to feel the city, to understand it (though I should have done this), but I still quite liked it. There was an Italian band, a look at the Sistine Madonna for one euro, weird food, language I have never heard in my life (except for the German tourists/businessmen in Liberec), lots and lots of nutcrackers and angels and lights and stars and other Christmas things. We Russians celebrate Christmas at January, 7 (because of some historical calendar issue), and, besides, tend to pay more attention to New Year celebrations. Continue reading

cosy winter magic by Daria Nyberg

Daria Nyberg is an artist and illustrator. Raised in Saint-Petersburg, “the northern/cultural capital of Russia”, she now resides in Stockholm, the capital of a country she always felt connected to. She has a philological degree and speaks Swedish almost as a native.

She loves polar bears, cold seas, deep forests, snow, fairytales and windy weather. I just thought her works are a great thing to enjoy in the dawn of the last day of the year, when there’s no winter Christmassy mood or whatever should be and you have to make yourself feel a bit better. Continue reading

an end-of-the-year news update


Sorry for not writing much lately (or ever, actually). December was quite a difficult month for me, I think: two weeks of not-really-painstaking preparing for the exams, a week of pathetic failing the exams, half a week of getting home (which is a rather small flat in a rather small town in the veryvery North of a rather big Russia – the biggest one, to be fair), five days of quite boring being here and four days left. Continue reading