Week 1 – Pieces of art: Slovakians sing about Vanya from Vorkuta

a bit postponed. sorry. won’t happen again anymore.

Here’s something to help you make it through a quiet Sunday. 

BijouTerrier, a Slovakian punk band, tells us a story of one Vanya from Vorkuta. His life is rather sad: after his heroin-addicted mother dies, he decides to get out of there by transporting some radioactive substances to Moscow.

There he steals a suitcase with a swimmer’s passport and plane tickets to Bratislava, where he supposed to partake in a swimming contest. After all misfortunes and hiding from the mafia, Vanya becomes a drummer in BijouTerrier.

What is more, the video includes some archive clips of the chronicles of Vorkuta.

As a person who spent a large part of their live in Vorkuta, I am both weirdly proud that Vorkuta is mentioned somewhere outside Vorkuta and a bit ashamed of the image my hometown – and the country I belong to whether I want it or not – have.

The lyrics are in Russian and there is a rough Slovakian translation available.


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