Week 3: To prove to you that my phone has a camera

 I’m into pretending to take good photos now, yup.

As I already informed you, I got a phone with a really good camera for New Year. And I did tell you to mentally prepare yourselves for photos, so here they are.

Now I’ve become a bit more pretentious and pseudo-artistic than a mortal is allowed to be. But you can’t have too much of a good thing, though, eh?

dorm viewmagic  green white  ducks vetvi wc lib prehrada particularly proud of this one because my dad liked it and hes a photographer he should knowadore cool

zluty dum eastericali heart this jested no nazis doors dandy lion coop  brand new shoes branch   zidovske hrbitove zheltyi dom yellow house windows why do birds white riot   snp rodina rep reflex rather typical pede  nemocnice   lekarna lavka  hup  garage rent i wandered lonelyfialy every cloud

p.s. not that I don’t know how to do everything in time, but could somebody please write that in the comments. Just to make sure everybody else knows?


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