some photos and Top Several Things about #PragueFringe15

H E L L O ! ! !

I won’t even apologise for not sticking to the schedule, because there’s clearly not no point in doing so (just telling you this in case you didn’t notice). Even though I’m sorry for planning a schedule and not sticking to it.


I kinda have a more-or-less understandable excuse, for yours truly is partaking in an international theatre festival and thinks it is really awesome.

There’s going to be a few big fat posts about the whole event in the nearest future, but right now all you can enjoy is a small Top Several Things thingy and photos.

so,  here goes:

Top Several Things about Prague Fringe 2015:

  1. It is a theatre festival taking place in seven venues in Prague, Malá Strana.
  2. I am volunteering as an assistant and work both in the box office and on the street team.
  3. It runs from May 22nd to May 30th, and there are shows from 17:00 to 11:00 every night. And right after the last show there’s Fringe Club every night at Malostranská Beseda.
  4. There is a huge (and I mean huge) variety of genres – from a truly wonderful puppet fairytale to a naked poetry reading, so everyone can find something to suit their taste.
  5. In total, there are 43 productions from all over the world. Most of them are from USA and Great Britain, but there’re also Canadians, Australians, Czechs, and even a Japanese mime interpretation of Shakespeare.
  6. Prague Fringe Assistants are just totally from all over the place. But, regardless of the homeland, all of them are insanely amazing.
  7. For more information czech out or our main venue in Malostranská Beseda.
  8. I have never ever before in my life been in one room with a native English speaker, so I’m really nervous and excited about the whole thing because they still seem to be more like mythical creatures rather than real mortal people of flesh and blood. (so, yeah, if you’re one of them and you’re reading this right now, I’m sorry about that)
  9. Last and very least, Prague Fringe assistants don’t have to pay in Starbucks near Malostranská Beseda, which is still something.

Now for the photos:fringe stole my heart gentleman GlenArilesKatie reading Glens gonna kill me horoshachertovka karluvmost operationsmile partying with a naked lady Petriny Francoise Petriny Nica roofs snake fringe snake Glen Katie snake Nica thinking in the rain weird toddler Glen weird toddler Nica weird toddlers we're cool will yellow fringemarine be okay

p.s.: And I finally started doing something (aka participated in an open mic), which I’m partially proud of. It was extremely far from good, and there was a lot of sympathy applause, but the first step is always the hardest one. There is a very low-quality video of me publicly making a fool of myself that day, so if you enjoy watching people suffer, you might like this video.


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