About me in twenty somethings

one dream i dream of

two countries i can’t live in at the same time

three best friends i have (approximately)

four liverpool lads inspiring me

five family members except me

six favourite sitcoms being watched every single day

seven dwarves the snow white used to live with

eight harry potter films i never watched

nine years i was when i decided i will never grow up again

ten fingers i have (on both hands. not on the forehead, luckily)

eleven dictionaries are in my room

twelve a.m. is the time i’m surely asleep (at least, in my mind)

thirteen is the luckiest number ever

fourteen is not such a lucky number

fifteen kinds of omelette i can prepare

sixteen colours i love

seventeen years is my age

eighteen roads must a man walk down

nineteen reasons to love Shakespeare Tom Hiddleston can list in five seconds

twenty weird dreams i’ve had in the last four days

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