some photos and Top Several Things about #PragueFringe15

H E L L O ! ! !

I won’t even apologise for not sticking to the schedule, because there’s clearly not no point in doing so (just telling you this in case you didn’t notice). Even though I’m sorry for planning a schedule and not sticking to it.


I kinda have a more-or-less understandable excuse, for yours truly is partaking in an international theatre festival and thinks it is really awesome.

There’s going to be a few big fat posts about the whole event in the nearest future, but right now all you can enjoy is a small Top Several Things thingy and photos. Continue reading


Soviet Oddity: David Bowie travelling through the USSR by train

There is a legend that long, long ago, in the spring of 1973 AD, not long after coming to our mortal and pathetic planet from glorious and colourful space of other universes, Ziggy Stardust – the alien, the lunatic, the religion – decided that a general image of this world isn’t complex enough, and that it is his godly duty to spread the word on the other side of the iron curtain. Continue reading

Top Several Things About Everything Russian

I honestly think Russia is utterly unique, and so are the people of this country. And that’s not because of patriotic feelings (not entirely, at least). The biggest country on this planet which was the first to send its beloved son to the outer space, yet not the most powerful or wealthy one and quite famous for a strong alcoholic drink as a part of national cuisine, Russia is the only one of its kind. Continue reading

Russian month announced

Here I am again and I’ve got an announcement to make

Since I’ve got nothing to do at the moment and haven’t told you yet about how I spent these winter holidays at home in Russia, and, besides, I particularly feel like there’s a lot of things you’re not aware of and I could tell you about, I hereby announce the Russian Month, or the Month of Russia, or the Russian Marathon, or the Orange Jam Penguin, or whatever you prefer. And that means that in the next month I will try to cover as many realms of history, culture, people, and modern life of Russia, which is my native country, as it will be possible. Continue reading