/veryunimportant/ thank you wonderful creatures

this will make zero sense to most of the humanity, but I’m just endlessly thankful to the unicorns that said that today

There are people who want to open that door. Walk into the room, look at the wallpapers. Discuss the pictures on the walls and the artists that made them and histories that these picture have. Make the room better, cook some popcorn there and watch a movie. Move into the room and be happy because they have the room. And we are those people. And we are here right now, on the doorstep, ready to knock.

Franky-Show – intelligently mad entertainment for all the family

yes, it’s less than one and a half day left to make 7 (s e v e n !) posts, and I’m finally here. I am aware of that. and I’m sorry (a bit).

Franky-Show (Фрэнки-Шоу (pronounced in the same way, but written in Cyrillic letters) in its native language, which is Russian) is a radio quiz broadcasted on Silver Rain Radio from February, 18, 2004 to January, 30, 2011. And it’s honestly one of the best things I have witnessed in my life. In spite of the number of episodes of it already listened to, I (and many others) just can’t help being hypnotised by how original and truly brilliant it is every now and again. Continue reading

cosy winter magic by Daria Nyberg

Daria Nyberg is an artist and illustrator. Raised in Saint-Petersburg, “the northern/cultural capital of Russia”, she now resides in Stockholm, the capital of a country she always felt connected to. She has a philological degree and speaks Swedish almost as a native.

She loves polar bears, cold seas, deep forests, snow, fairytales and windy weather. I just thought her works are a great thing to enjoy in the dawn of the last day of the year, when there’s no winter Christmassy mood or whatever should be and you have to make yourself feel a bit better. Continue reading

Vorkuta: 71 years of snow and coal

Today, seventy-one years ago, Vorkuta was officially granted with a town status. “Seventy-one? Seventy freaking one? And people who live there still dare to call themselves humans? I mean, really?” I hear you say. Yes. Exactly. Seventy-one year – and, maybe, a few hours – ago my hometown was officially granted with a town status, you hear me answer quite calmly. You should’ve seen what a great anniversal festive circus there was last year, when “We’re just three decades far from a century! Hooray!” issue was brought up. Continue reading