another almost-a-month-report (that one’s much bigger)


yes, i’m postponing the post again. yes, i did promise you to post the post without any postmodernal and posterial postponing, but with all postindustrial and posturing posthaste. and, yes, here i am, postnataly, poswary postponing posting the post.

however, now i am here and i am now and you can’t escape and you can’t hide.

i apologise one more time for not reporting every second of my being here, in this fantabulously cozy fatherland of such great persons and personalities with unbearable names, as Jaroslav Hašek, Krtek and Hurvínek. i tried to recollect as much as possible, revised some drafts made on the go, and this is the best i came up with. to make understanding my existence easier for you, i divided the three-weeks period into several parts: setting off, my adventures in Prague, settling in and daily hustles and bustles.

and, by the way, i did manage to fail the last Friday test. got 16.5 points out of 31 possible. stipid fat cowish dumphead.

So, come with us now on a journey through time and space… Continue reading

#not belonging to russia anymore

Hey dudes

Here I am, standing in the Prague airport and trying to think. Failing in such a difficult task.

My parents are so proud of me. Or, at least, pretend they are. I did most of the work completely alone, positioning myself as a mature and sophisticated creature, which, of course I am not. Of course I’m just a child. Have always been. Will always be. I may look like an adult, but that’s just a disguise. As if I looked as a mouse going squeak squeak squeak in a high-pitched mousy voice. Remember that.

Take care,

at last the actual beginning

hello and good day to whoever is reading this
right now it’s 17:27 msk, I’ve been on board for the last hour, and it still feels great flying.
I set off from Rostov-on-Don, which is quite a wonderful city not so far away from Eysk, and was seen off by my mum (the whole “all of us together” thing wouldn’t have worked, not only because of the price of the tickets to get first from our village to Eysk and then from Eysk to Rostov-on-Don, but also because there would be too much tears and nerves and yelling and all of this the-whole-family-out stuff.)

still, even with mum only, there was enough of everything.

I’m afraid I’m so tired (I haven’t slept since five a.m.) and nervous and exhausted and weary and fatigued I can’t write anything else. In an hour period I’ll be in Moscow’s Sherementevo (that’s an airport) and then at dad’s good friend’s and I’ll catch up with you later.
Love you all
bye-bye and best wishes,
nica, a female teenaged something from north nowhere

p.s. by the way, did you know that in Australian English there’s a word “Bullamakanka”, which is “an imaginary town, used as a typical example of a town that is long way away from any other towns or cities”. I suppose, in Russian, the closest synonym for “Bullamakanka” is “Vorkuta”, although it sounds more like a name of a disease than one of a town.