Bing Bong Changes

My dear friends, family, and everyone who has just stumbled across (or, indeed, stumbled over) this while innocently travelling through the endlessness of the Webonet,

I’d like to inform you all lovely lot that I’ve been going through some changes lately, a kind of metamorphosis maybe, as one may say. And I know what you’re thinking, so a) Yes, I know that by our unique nature of human beings, all of us live lives full of constant changes, and I do my best trying to get over it and stop playing such a drama queen, and I’m aware that there’s still no excuse for my betraying my loyal audience and being silent for so long, and b) No, I did not wake up one morning and realise I’m a monstrous insect-like creature on the outside as well, and thank God for that. Continue reading

Vorkuta: 71 years of snow and coal

Today, seventy-one years ago, Vorkuta was officially granted with a town status. “Seventy-one? Seventy freaking one? And people who live there still dare to call themselves humans? I mean, really?” I hear you say. Yes. Exactly. Seventy-one year – and, maybe, a few hours – ago my hometown was officially granted with a town status, you hear me answer quite calmly. You should’ve seen what a great anniversal festive circus there was last year, when “We’re just three decades far from a century! Hooray!” issue was brought up. Continue reading

my so-called routine, part 1 (out of the total of 1 parts, maybe)

hey, hey
, we’re the monkeys and all that

i haven’t written anything worth in here for a while, and here finally comes a new something. i’ve started this almost a month ago, so i’m turning into some awfully lazy bum, yes.

To be honest, I somehow was sure that, as long as I leave the country (which is Russia, if you’re not very aware of my life, which is fine), everything would just completely change. That, as one young Alice, I would step into a completely different world, full of creatures, actions, and rules impossible to imagine. You know, people riding sewing machines to get to the Moon, and then going back to the Earth by just jumping very-very high (everyone knows that you can jump higher on the Moon than on the Earth because of the gravity and all these sci-stuff), and, during the whole process Moon singing his wonderful song about “Neil Armstrong walking on my face…” with his retarded voice of a chalked-faced idiot. Something like that. But I am still made of flesh and blood and breathing oxygen and laughing at stupid jokes no one else ever understands. There are still plenty of chavs and just not-good people in the world, and a part of them is still somewhere around me, and the cancer cure still isn’t invented. So, if there’s such thing as half-, or even quarter-frustration, than that’s exactly what I am experiencing here at the moment. Continue reading

a triumphal speech

hello hello hello to you all

still can’t believe i’ll be off so soon. less than a month is left. and after these short 23 days of summer there is a whole new life alluring with freedom, new people, greater possibilities – and scaring with the same.

a new town to live in.
a new country to learn.
a new language to speak.
a new neighbourhood to familiarise myself with.
a new ground to walk on.
a new air to breath.
a new sky to look at.
a new stuff to create.
a new laptop to use.
a completely new existence to start.

i am scared, honestly. and glad, of course. life will never be the same.
there’ll never be these two little entry-levels of mine, nor the other two, who once happened to become my parents. there’ll never be those stupid morons i had to share a classroom with. the few friends of mine, gained in a hard struggle with life and society and self, will never be there as well. there will never be the chubby lady who used to help me open the door to english and to the world. there’ll never be them. and i don’t think they’ll be ever able to know how much i love them all and how much they’ve done to me.

i already miss them more than one can ever expect.

still, there are hills and mountains of new fantabulous things at the door into my life, staying patiently, waiting for their moment to come in. i’m not sure, actually, but there must be. life can’t be crap all the time, can it?

besides, i will take a sentimental journey this december. not only to renew old memories, of course, but also to pick up some stuff (my tom-toms, for example, or The Mighty Book Of Boosh), to get a wild west christmas party started and to require a new visa – this one’s only for 6 month.

it’ll be great to come back home. it always is.

hope the home guys won’t forget me while i’m away. i’m too fantabulous to forget.

lots and lots and lots of love,