new grammar experience

Ahoj (which is a Czech word for… imaginary drumrolls inside one’s head, please… Ahoy! !!! Isn’t that just amazing? Such an unpredictable language),

I suppose, I have informed you sometime earlier that I’m not an overwhelmed fan of our Grammar lessons, as they’re usually quite monotonous and there’s just us repeating the same linguistic formulas over and over and over again. I quite enjoyed today’s one, though. I’m not sure why. Maybe that’s just magic from all this Christmas films finally taken over. Continue reading

my so-called routine, part 1 (out of the total of 1 parts, maybe)

hey, hey
, we’re the monkeys and all that

i haven’t written anything worth in here for a while, and here finally comes a new something. i’ve started this almost a month ago, so i’m turning into some awfully lazy bum, yes.

To be honest, I somehow was sure that, as long as I leave the country (which is Russia, if you’re not very aware of my life, which is fine), everything would just completely change. That, as one young Alice, I would step into a completely different world, full of creatures, actions, and rules impossible to imagine. You know, people riding sewing machines to get to the Moon, and then going back to the Earth by just jumping very-very high (everyone knows that you can jump higher on the Moon than on the Earth because of the gravity and all these sci-stuff), and, during the whole process Moon singing his wonderful song about “Neil Armstrong walking on my face…” with his retarded voice of a chalked-faced idiot. Something like that. But I am still made of flesh and blood and breathing oxygen and laughing at stupid jokes no one else ever understands. There are still plenty of chavs and just not-good people in the world, and a part of them is still somewhere around me, and the cancer cure still isn’t invented. So, if there’s such thing as half-, or even quarter-frustration, than that’s exactly what I am experiencing here at the moment. Continue reading

A school essay on success and appearance

Almost everyone finds it vital to be successful, as our success reflects the level of recognition, acceptance, and trust we get from people around us, and sometimes even not less vital to look successful, claiming that a good look is a key to future success. Then, the substantial question occurs to us: how to make it the same to look and to be successful and what does a successful look include? To answer it, the first thing you should do is obviously to go to the mirror and decide whether you like the man you see there. And then, do you think the people around you like that man? Yes, the people’s opinion plays a really important role in our success, as they usually look at us for the first time with a great privilege of willing to decide whether to allow us to succeed in the society of theirs or not, and so, to gain your goals you must make your partners like and respect you from the very beginning. Continue reading