Top Several Things about being short

Well, seeing that I’ve started all this I’m-finally-happy-with-the-people-I-have-around-my-lovely-self, there’s a fact: I’m the shortest person in the whole language course community, and, as such a person, always get laughed at in a way Miranda from Miranda Hart’s sitcom Miranda laughs at Stevie (a character from Miranda Hart’s sitcom Miranda as well). If anything, don’t you worry, I’m fine with it, and it’s nice, and I’m noticed at last, although in such a way. Now and then somebody says something about the curse/the blessing of the one hundred and fifty-eight (which is my personal height in centimeters), there’s a sad song now called “The Saddest Song In This Big World”, and the lyrics are just “One hundred and fifty-eight, ooh, one hundred and fifty eight, why is it one hundred and fifty-eight?” and so on, and everyone laughs, making me the center of attention and pointing me out of the dull crowd of tall people. So, to let you know what’s it like to be short, here’s Top Several Thing about it: Continue reading

# what i am feeling right now

just to let you know Noel Fielding is still on tour. and he seems to be there for the rest of the eternity. and it’s such a brilliant show. and everyone’s just nuts about An Evening With Noel Fielding. and he does loads of photos and signing and there’s a lot of pictures and all that. and everyone’s completely happy. and i ‘ m  n o t  t h e r e .  j u s t  c a n ‘ t  b e  t h e r e . w i l l  n e v e r  b e  t h e r e . it’s so sad it hurts. i want to do something to express how sad i am, but the level of fielding in my blood seems to have gotten so low that i’ve just lost all my imagination and can’t think of anything sad to do.

why can’t people achieve enough to feel happy?

p.s. and i tasted Polo today. doesn’t look like news that matter, but they are just so indescribably perfect.

Dylan Moran – life-sized, life-realed Bernard Black

“What’s the name of that Irish comedian of yours, you know, the one who “and you’re fat, i love you, here, eat this”? Was it him who said something about chewing beds from boredom?”. Yes, that’s how one of my best friends, Sasha (do not confuse with Dasha – they’re two entirely different individuals. and truly existing, by the way, i didn’t make them up) remembers one of my favourite comedians, Dylan Moran. Continue reading

just to let you know that i’m still alive, but can’t really be too bothered


i’m doing fine, thank you. if you care, you haven’t heard that much about my life recently because i don’t quite think i’m in the right mood (or moon, i don’t know) now to just sit down and write something worthwhile. sorry. but i’m working on some new stuff like an interview with Hanka, the lead vocalist of Jarret, a local band, and a collection of Czech lives, including many interesting and fascinating stories such as Thom‘s one, for example. and there’s even more waiting for you, i suppose. Continue reading

UNBELIEVABLE ADVENTURES OF A BELIEVABLE RAINBOW – a small N.F. tribute waiting for you to criticise

we Russian fieldmice are about to create some kind of a present to the one and the only mr. Fielding by publishing a book or something that will be filled with all the hubba-bubba nightmares from our heads that Noel Fielding would be proud of. that’s the best i’ve come up with so far: Continue reading


continuing the topic of the internet stuff: charlieissocoollike

here comes my new favourite, Charlie the Coollike person!

proud to be ashamed to be British, outroed by Stephen Fry himself, having dyed his hair ginger red, big-blue-eyed, playing kazoo and ukelele, and claiming to be the real nerd, he’s one of people i usually tend to fall for. Continue reading

another almost-a-month-report (that one’s much bigger)


yes, i’m postponing the post again. yes, i did promise you to post the post without any postmodernal and posterial postponing, but with all postindustrial and posturing posthaste. and, yes, here i am, postnataly, poswary postponing posting the post.

however, now i am here and i am now and you can’t escape and you can’t hide.

i apologise one more time for not reporting every second of my being here, in this fantabulously cozy fatherland of such great persons and personalities with unbearable names, as Jaroslav Hašek, Krtek and Hurvínek. i tried to recollect as much as possible, revised some drafts made on the go, and this is the best i came up with. to make understanding my existence easier for you, i divided the three-weeks period into several parts: setting off, my adventures in Prague, settling in and daily hustles and bustles.

and, by the way, i did manage to fail the last Friday test. got 16.5 points out of 31 possible. stipid fat cowish dumphead.

So, come with us now on a journey through time and space… Continue reading