Top Several Things about being short

Well, seeing that I’ve started all this I’m-finally-happy-with-the-people-I-have-around-my-lovely-self, there’s a fact: I’m the shortest person in the whole language course community, and, as such a person, always get laughed at in a way Miranda from Miranda Hart’s sitcom Miranda laughs at Stevie (a character from Miranda Hart’s sitcom Miranda as well). If anything, don’t you worry, I’m fine with it, and it’s nice, and I’m noticed at last, although in such a way. Now and then somebody says something about the curse/the blessing of the one hundred and fifty-eight (which is my personal height in centimeters), there’s a sad song now called “The Saddest Song In This Big World”, and the lyrics are just “One hundred and fifty-eight, ooh, one hundred and fifty eight, why is it one hundred and fifty-eight?” and so on, and everyone laughs, making me the center of attention and pointing me out of the dull crowd of tall people. So, to let you know what’s it like to be short, here’s Top Several Thing about it: Continue reading

new grammar experience

Ahoj (which is a Czech word for… imaginary drumrolls inside one’s head, please… Ahoy! !!! Isn’t that just amazing? Such an unpredictable language),

I suppose, I have informed you sometime earlier that I’m not an overwhelmed fan of our Grammar lessons, as they’re usually quite monotonous and there’s just us repeating the same linguistic formulas over and over and over again. I quite enjoyed today’s one, though. I’m not sure why. Maybe that’s just magic from all this Christmas films finally taken over. Continue reading