Week 2 & Week 4 combined: Gymnázium nad Alejí, Prague

This whole spring is just bursting with examinations. I have finished (and, more importantly, passed) my Czech B1 exams on April, 1, I’m writing Czech B2 exams in May, and right now I’ve got admission exams, which are, well, basically the most important exams in the last few years of my life. Depending on the results, I will either get into a really cool and awesome Prague-based school with a high level of English and study there for totally free and be among Czechs and will finally get out of the environment I hate so much, or make my family spend large sums of money on me – again – and get into a private school for Russian students whose parents don’t have enough money or intelligence to provide their child with a better education (Czech Republic is rather far from being the best-educated country, let’s be fair), and feeling guilty for my family wasting everything they’ve got on me and giving me much more moral and financial support than I deserve. Continue reading


our Dresden výlet that happened almost two weeks ago

try to find the blue parka (and a gray scarf – or grey scar, if you feel like it, whatever)

Liberec is set approximately in between Prague and Dresden, and the fact of me not having visited this city before the school trip makes me question my existence a lot, to be honest.

I didn’t have enough time to feel the city, to understand it (though I should have done this), but I still quite liked it. There was an Italian band, a look at the Sistine Madonna for one euro, weird food, language I have never heard in my life (except for the German tourists/businessmen in Liberec), lots and lots of nutcrackers and angels and lights and stars and other Christmas things. We Russians celebrate Christmas at January, 7 (because of some historical calendar issue), and, besides, tend to pay more attention to New Year celebrations. Continue reading

new grammar experience

Ahoj (which is a Czech word for… imaginary drumrolls inside one’s head, please… Ahoy! !!! Isn’t that just amazing? Such an unpredictable language),

I suppose, I have informed you sometime earlier that I’m not an overwhelmed fan of our Grammar lessons, as they’re usually quite monotonous and there’s just us repeating the same linguistic formulas over and over and over again. I quite enjoyed today’s one, though. I’m not sure why. Maybe that’s just magic from all this Christmas films finally taken over. Continue reading