Just another thought of mine (this one’s about the Chapman thing)

The surname “Chapman” is a weird surname. On the one hand, there is Mark Chapman, a psychopathic killer of a legend. On the other, there’s Graham Chapman, the embodiment of everything Monty Python, the greatest of all comic groups ever, was ever to be.

Still not sure whether to admire this surname or to hate with all my heart.


just. awesome.

I know the reason of The Beatles’ mad popularity. They were singing about simple, bright things. Moreover, they were singing as sincerely as no one else did, does, or will do in the history of our civilization. You know, I really couldn’t stand them before. But now, having translated a couple of their songs, you know, you just rediscovered them for me. And now I can say with my hand on heart that they are a not-so-that-bad band. Nevertheless, they are ugly.

no comments.

my mum is definitely a genus musical critic.

inner monologue about infinity, genius and stuff

hello everyone (not sure if there’s ever going to be anybody except me, but still). it’s me again

recently i’ve had an opportunity to spend some extra time with my classmates. more of a waste of time than of a spend, i’m afraid. quite a doubtful pleasure. you know, i just realise I’m a different one. a more geeky one. more intelligent, maybe. a one who’d replace dull bitching about hair, relationships, america, farts and getting shit-faced with something slightly more intellectual, british, and elegant. like today’s underground west end theatre bakery play about the earlier days of Stephen Fry or something.

i’m not sure whether differing is a bad thing to do. i mean, all the greatest ones did differ, didn’t they? and so do i. feeling weird and awkward, out of the crowd is ok for geniuses. Lennon didn’t feel like a normal human being, right? and neither did Nietzsche (he surely felt more like an √úbermensch), Mortenson (or Baker, whatever you like more), Feld, Dodgson, Joplin and everyone else who’s ever done anything worth attention. that’s just because we gifted chaps see the world in different colours, from a different angle, as we are apparently too cool for ordinary vision.

now that i’m done with the different, it’s time for the difficult. the difficult is to find out what the heck to do. it’s always a problem. yesterday i a kind of took part in something, don’t really know how it’s called, but the thing is that they take your fingerprints, analyse them and then tell almost everything about you. whether you have potential to get a disease in a particular area, or what sport you’d be good at, or whether you’re good at anything and, if yes, what’s that you’re good at. turns out, i’m good at everything. social sciences, arts, science, technics, linguistics… everything (and i also can be an exellent goalkeeper). so the test didn’t really help with choosing future career. and it’s hugely important to make the right choice to achieve something, to stay in humanity’s memory for at least hundred decades, isn’t it?

but i don’t know, actually.

maybe i just need to wait and see what happens next.


good luck everyone.


p.s. i assume this little jew Feld didn’t feel like a normal human being because he was the most perfect child of Rarn ever, did he?