at last the actual beginning

hello and good day to whoever is reading this
right now it’s 17:27 msk, I’ve been on board for the last hour, and it still feels great flying.
I set off from Rostov-on-Don, which is quite a wonderful city not so far away from Eysk, and was seen off by my mum (the whole “all of us together” thing wouldn’t have worked, not only because of the price of the tickets to get first from our village to Eysk and then from Eysk to Rostov-on-Don, but also because there would be too much tears and nerves and yelling and all of this the-whole-family-out stuff.)

still, even with mum only, there was enough of everything.

I’m afraid I’m so tired (I haven’t slept since five a.m.) and nervous and exhausted and weary and fatigued I can’t write anything else. In an hour period I’ll be in Moscow’s Sherementevo (that’s an airport) and then at dad’s good friend’s and I’ll catch up with you later.
Love you all
bye-bye and best wishes,
nica, a female teenaged something from north nowhere

p.s. by the way, did you know that in Australian English there’s a word “Bullamakanka”, which is “an imaginary town, used as a typical example of a town that is long way away from any other towns or cities”. I suppose, in Russian, the closest synonym for “Bullamakanka” is “Vorkuta”, although it sounds more like a name of a disease than one of a town.

setting off

hello/goodbye to you all

it’s about half twelve p.m., somewhere in the south of russia, and my dad, me and a guy who’s giving us a lift are heading to the nearest train station for my 00:34 train to moscow, where, if all goes well, i arrive 26.06., at four a.m., have an interview with the fellas from the consulate of the Czech Republic at nine, and then meet Dasha, who lives in the boroughs and is one of the several people i have spoken to in the last half a year. hope it will be so.

also, my younger bro have lost our turtle somewhere in the wild a couple of days ago, and for now it’s probably an ex-turtle, which is unquestionably quite sad, so all four of us are a kind of in a mourning for this little shelled mate. hope it’s now in some turtle heaven or something.

for the time being, i presume that’s all i’d like to tell you, so
lots of love and everything,

my so-called new life, day 1

hello everyone

for the time being, i’m in in my second flight. the first one was today, from Vorkuta to moscow, a fulgent though quite pointless capital of our country.

flying is truly amazing. really

it doesn’t feel like i’m flying, of course, which is a great pity, but still. the mere realisation of the fact that right now i am so high without taking anything places me literally somewhere on cloud nine. just unimaginable.

outside it is 20.15 MSK, 10 kilometers high, -53 degrees centigrade, and 850 kilometers per hour. quite fantabulous, isn’t it? not to mention great service of the crew and the quickness of the whole journey. were we travelling by train, as we have always done before, it would have taken us four days instead of eight hours. besides, there are some british businessmen on board with such perfect accent that i nearly came when i heard them.

enjoying my evening cup of lemon tea.

being frank, i have no idea what else to tell you about.

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