Sergey Shnurov about patriotism

I don’t like a lot about this country because I’m a true patriot. Those who like it in here must be fucking German spies.

Don’t think less of me (or us), but the man’s got a point. Quite poorly proven, maybe, but he’s got it. p.s.: Sergey Shnurov and his band Leningrad are rather popular and loved in Russia, despite the lyrics often celebrate of alcoholism and other unpleasant ways of living, and include a lot – and I mean A LOT – of swearing.


Soviet Oddity: David Bowie travelling through the USSR by train

There is a legend that long, long ago, in the spring of 1973 AD, not long after coming to our mortal and pathetic planet from glorious and colourful space of other universes, Ziggy Stardust – the alien, the lunatic, the religion – decided that a general image of this world isn’t complex enough, and that it is his godly duty to spread the word on the other side of the iron curtain. Continue reading

Hanka Skřivánková, the rock’n’roll housewife

I first saw her about two weeks ago. Hanka was on a gig at some local event with one of the bands she’s in, and I was on my way home from Tesco’s, as I was terribly ill, but had to buy some stuff for me and my roommate, who was even more ill. And yet, it occurred utterly impossible for me not to stay and watch Jarret perform weaving their indie-folk-rock-blues magic. More impossible it was not to walk up to them after the final song and ask for an interview. Continue reading


Rory Storm and The Hurricanes by Klaus Voormann



Have I told you that I’m crazy about the early beatles?
If not, then brace yourselves, as I’m coming.

Being frank, I adore all this Hamburg thing most of all. And I love exies and the whole Astrid-and-Stuart stuff. And all these young lads with an rock’n’roll Elvistic hair and pigs flying out of windows just make me wanna scream and shout.

I hope my life in CR will be at least half as productive and interesting as the fab4’s life in Germany at the very dawn of their fabulousness.