The Duty of the Strong: the review

Most of our extracurricular (and curricular as well sometimes) English classes were devoted to performing Olympiad-like tasks and training for one of the most crucial event of our lives. That’s my writing part done last autumn.

We had to translate ‘The Duty of the Strong’ and write “an essay giving your arguments, commenting on the ideas expressed in the poem”.

Time given: 1,5 hour.

Word limit for the essay: 250-300 words. Continue reading

a travelling through the USA story

Another short story from my personal short stories archive for you, ladies and gentlemen.

Was written about two years ago, on a tiring spring evening, as my English homework. One of those several times we were asked to write a story, not an essay.

We had to write a story on several conditions:

  • the theme is “Travelling in the USA”
  • should contain a joke and a moral
  • 400-450 words long

So, Continue reading

Как я жила без интернета: увлекательная трагикомедия в трёх с половиной действиях (another one written for the big fat journalism contest last year)

Решено:  новый год – новая жизнь. Папа бросает курить, мама садится на диету, брат-пятиклассник прекращает занимать телефонную линию двадцать восемь часов в сутки, а младшая сестрёнка ест меньше сладостей и регулярно чистит зубки. А я? Что из своей ежедневной жизни современный подросток может несомненно убрать? «Конечно же, Интернет» – хором ответят родители. «Может, лучше нудные нотации?» – закатят глаза мои ровесники. Решив прислушаться сначала к мнению старших, а потом попробовать внедрять в свою жизнь инновации, предлагаемые более юными, я под бой курантов бодро даю себе обещание слезть с информационной иглы, ограничив собственный доступ к Всемирной Паутине. Continue reading

Жить или спешить: вот в чём опрос (a piece written a year ago for the first tour of a big privilegious state journalism contest)

Пятнадцатилетняя Саша обожает шахматы, так как уверена, что они помогают логически мыслить, и не так давно получила  первый – самый высокий – разряд. Десятиклассник Пётр играет в театральной студии и не раз выезжал с гастролями не только в другие города, но и за рубеж. Эти факты внушают уверенность в юном поколении, не так ли? Но, к сожалению, эти подростки – всего лишь счастливые исключения. Continue reading

the promised school-essay-ish short story that made my English teacher cry

I had to go through 268 notebooks and 34 kg of printouts. It’s like having lived my entire life again. Those English lessons were probably one of the best things ever possible in the whole Universe.

Still, here it is. I don’t know why V.E. (the initials of my former English teacher. here in Russia, pupils address teachers other than in the rest of the world, and her name is quite a complicated one, and I don’t want to call her just “my former English teacher”, so V.E. it is) burst in tears, but she did, and that was the only time I ever saw her cry in four years we’ve spent together.
I don’t like the story, to be honest. I’m not sure why I made it like this. I was, like, 13 or so. That can be an alibi, can it?
As I told you, when it was story telling in our writing tasks, it was mostly either a picture needing to be described with a story, or a beginning needing to be ended. This one’ with the beginning, and, if I’m lucky, in a few days you’ll witness some examples of things I had spent my time on.
The suggested beginning’s in the beginning and in cursive.  Continue reading

Symphony In Yellow by Oscar Wilde and its Russian interpretation by me

An omnibus across the bridge
Crawls like a yellow butterfly,
And, here and there, a passer-by
Shows like a little restless midge.

Big barges full of yellow hay
Are moored against the shadowy wharf,
And, like a yellow silken scarf,
The thick fog hangs along the quay.

The yellow leaves begin to fade
And flutter from the Temple elms,
And at my feet the pale green Thames
Lies like a rod of rippled jade.

1889 Continue reading