some photos of snowy Liberec

Ahoj (every time this rather popular exclamation is mentioned, the image of a 30s pin-up lady saying ‘Hello, sailor!’ uncontrollably occurs in my head)

There’s snow in Liberec! Can you believe it? I certainly can’t. On one of our first conversation lessons, Linda told us that last year there was only one teeny-weeny snowfall, and I have honestly believed these people here aren’t sure what snow looks like since. In the middle of December, there were a few times when the mixture of snowflakes and raindrops fell down from the sky, an I thought that was it. How surprised I was to return here on the 11th of January ¬†and find out some snow piles! (even though they weren’t really much to look at) Continue reading

cosy winter magic by Daria Nyberg

Daria Nyberg is an artist and illustrator. Raised in Saint-Petersburg, “the northern/cultural capital of Russia”, she now resides in Stockholm, the capital of a country she always felt connected to. She has a philological degree and speaks Swedish almost as a native.

She loves¬†polar bears, cold seas, deep forests, snow, fairytales and windy weather. I just thought her works are a great thing to enjoy in the dawn of the last day of the year, when there’s no winter Christmassy mood or whatever should be and you have to make yourself feel a bit better. Continue reading