Top Several Things strictly connected with my childhood

Childhood is undoubtedly the greatest part of human life, referred to and remembered of by many great people as the time full of magic, innocence, discovering the world, and, let us say, being high from having long socks slipping down a bit. And, seeing that a lot of people of my surroundings claim me to have stayed in this era of my existence for ever and ever and ever and ever, here is a Top Several Things that were an essential part of me being a child through the years (some of them aren’t a part of me being a child now).

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Rory Storm and The Hurricanes by Klaus Voormann



Have I told you that I’m crazy about the early beatles?
If not, then brace yourselves, as I’m coming.

Being frank, I adore all this Hamburg thing most of all. And I love exies and the whole Astrid-and-Stuart stuff. And all these young lads with an rock’n’roll Elvistic hair and pigs flying out of windows just make me wanna scream and shout.

I hope my life in CR will be at least half as productive and interesting as the fab4’s life in Germany at the very dawn of their fabulousness.


just. awesome.

I know the reason of The Beatles’ mad popularity. They were singing about simple, bright things. Moreover, they were singing as sincerely as no one else did, does, or will do in the history of our civilization. You know, I really couldn’t stand them before. But now, having translated a couple of their songs, you know, you just rediscovered them for me. And now I can say with my hand on heart that they are a not-so-that-bad band. Nevertheless, they are ugly.

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