a travelling through the USA story

Another short story from my personal short stories archive for you, ladies and gentlemen.

Was written about two years ago, on a tiring spring evening, as my English homework. One of those several times we were asked to write a story, not an essay.

We had to write a story on several conditions:

  • the theme is “Travelling in the USA”
  • should contain a joke and a moral
  • 400-450 words long

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another almost-a-month-report (that one’s much bigger)


yes, i’m postponing the post again. yes, i did promise you to post the post without any postmodernal and posterial postponing, but with all postindustrial and posturing posthaste. and, yes, here i am, postnataly, poswary postponing posting the post.

however, now i am here and i am now and you can’t escape and you can’t hide.

i apologise one more time for not reporting every second of my being here, in this fantabulously cozy fatherland of such great persons and personalities with unbearable names, as Jaroslav Hašek, Krtek and Hurvínek. i tried to recollect as much as possible, revised some drafts made on the go, and this is the best i came up with. to make understanding my existence easier for you, i divided the three-weeks period into several parts: setting off, my adventures in Prague, settling in and daily hustles and bustles.

and, by the way, i did manage to fail the last Friday test. got 16.5 points out of 31 possible. stipid fat cowish dumphead.

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my so-called new life, day 1

hello everyone

for the time being, i’m in in my second flight. the first one was today, from Vorkuta to moscow, a fulgent though quite pointless capital of our country.

flying is truly amazing. really

it doesn’t feel like i’m flying, of course, which is a great pity, but still. the mere realisation of the fact that right now i am so high without taking anything places me literally somewhere on cloud nine. just unimaginable.

outside it is 20.15 MSK, 10 kilometers high, -53 degrees centigrade, and 850 kilometers per hour. quite fantabulous, isn’t it? not to mention great service of the crew and the quickness of the whole journey. were we travelling by train, as we have always done before, it would have taken us four days instead of eight hours. besides, there are some british businessmen on board with such perfect accent that i nearly came when i heard them.

enjoying my evening cup of lemon tea.

being frank, i have no idea what else to tell you about.

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too sad to think of a proper title

hi there

tomorrow is my last day here in Vorkuta. hell i’m gonna miss this place. it’s not perfect, of course, as one can see from the previous post, but still. this small northern town is where i was born once, said my first word, made my first step (which actually was more of a run – i started running before learning to walk like a proper human being), ate my first toffee sweet, went to school and so on and so forth. this is (or was earlier) a wonderful town with tragic history (or just story, seventy years don’t seem to be a very massive period of time at this point), interesting people, and charming culture. now, unfortunately, the process of living here is robbed of its joy for everyone – not only because i’m leaving, but also because the whole place seems to be at the evening of its life. not good news indeed.

i’ll definitely miss every single rock left there, not mentioning all the wonderful citizens of this lovely nothing such as my beloved family, Lena Sidorova, Vlada Kurilina, Sasha Dorofeeva, Ekoterina Zolochevskaya etc (they’re mentioned here to read this someday and be incredibly flattered). Вы просто космические, чуваки. Я вас обожаю. Правда.

so, this is it. the beginning of a whole (or almost whole) new life. tomorrow i’ll go by plane for the first time of my life. thrilled, unquestionably, and uncontrollably excited.

hope that’s for the best. hope it’ll be getting so much better all the time.

i’m gonna miss the snuff box i’ve been living in. (yes, it’s a complete damn mess here. just like in my tiny little mind)



so, that is it. i’m not there. love you all guys.

end of line.

p.s. already missing my (already ex) classmates. weird, actually, cause they’re morons.