Week 1 – Pieces of art: Slovakians sing about Vanya from Vorkuta

a bit postponed. sorry. won’t happen again anymore.

Here’s something to help you make it through a quiet Sunday. 

BijouTerrier, a Slovakian punk band, tells us a story of one Vanya from Vorkuta. His life is rather sad: after his heroin-addicted mother dies, he decides to get out of there by transporting some radioactive substances to Moscow. Continue reading


continuing the topic of the internet stuff: charlieissocoollike

here comes my new favourite, Charlie the Coollike person!

proud to be ashamed to be British, outroed by Stephen Fry himself, having dyed his hair ginger red, big-blue-eyed, playing kazoo and ukelele, and claiming to be the real nerd, he’s one of people i usually tend to fall for. Continue reading